[Korean] Week 3 in review

I can’t believe it has been three weeks already. It feels like I just started learning Korean. Well, technically, I did…But time is still flying by!

I have completed the TTMIK Level 1 book as well as it’s accompanying workbook. I am happy to have finished them both but I absolutely don’t feel ready to move on to the next book. The later chapters in the book were a bit harder for me and I struggled a lot. I also feel that the exercises in the workbook became too hard too fast in the later chapters. There were questions in the workbook that I don’t ever remember going over in the textbook and when I tried to flip through to find it, I couldn’t! So I’m not sure if there was a mistake somewhere in the printing or changes they forgot to take out. But all in all, I liked both books.

I will be using this upcoming week to just re-study and review my old work. I will be using my notes and the textbook to do so. I am also searching for some apps where I can make my own flashcards. I need to start retaining some vocabulary because right now I basically have none.

And this might sound weird, but for the language learners out there, have you ever known how to say something but can only understand it when it’s on paper? Like, I know how something is supposed to be said, but if you were to ask me to say it, I wouldn’t be able to. But if I saw it on paper, I could point it out immediately. Does that make any sense? Maybe that means I just need to work more on my speaking and listening skills?

But anyway. That was week three for me. I was able to study for 6 days out of the week and for 2 hours each day.

Spring break has come to an end and I feel like crying about it…well…I actually did. I’m so unhappy at my internship and have no idea how to end it. And it’s going on roughly a year since I started thinking that the career choice I’m studying was a mistake. It’s too late now because I’m graduating soon but after graduation, some changes are definitely going to be made. It just sucks that it has taken so long for me to find the things that I am passionate about. On the bright side, I am still young. I am still in my twenties. But at least I am finding my passions now as opposed to in my 30’s and 40’s.


4 thoughts on “[Korean] Week 3 in review

  1. ‘And this might sound weird, but for the language learners out there, have you ever known how to say something but can only understand it when it’s on paper?’

    As a person who barely speaks in real life, I can relate to this a lot. It doesn’t make sense! >.< Though my accent isn't bad, I can barely say most of the Spanish that's actually in my mind. It really sucks.

    Same with Korean.

    And I hope things improve with your internship and all. πŸ™‚

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    • Yes! I think introverted language learners have it a bit harder than more outgoing people lol
      But thank you so much! Since this post, things have improved and my final day is on Tuesday! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ


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