[Update] Spanish, Korean, Life

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since my last post. Almost 2 weeks!

Life has been pretty busy lately. For one thing, I just started a new job for the Summer like I mentioned in my last post. But the main thing is…I graduated! I officially have my master’s degree and these past days have been filled with travel plans and spending time with family that has come from out of town to celebrate with me. It’s kind of a surreal feeling. I’m barely 26 and I have my master’s degree. I have never NOT been in school, so finally finishing and soon to be going off into the “real world” is a startling realization.

I feel like I’m still young, but then I look at that 26 that makes up my age and realize that I am almost 30. And all I have done in life is go to school. No real solid work experience besides part-time/seasonal jobs here and there. No travel experiences. Nada. What exactly do I have to offer this “real world”? I’m sure I’m not the only graduate with these fearful questions.

Anyway, I didn’t originally plan to come on here and say all that. I wanted to give you an update on my language studies, but I think it’s quite obvious that studying has not been a priority. That is soon to change though now that graduation has finally passed.

Language update

I started studying Spanish along with Korean. I am using the book Easy Spanish Step By Step and have worked my way through the first two chapters already. I am also currently trying to find some websites and phone apps that I like to aid in my studies. I don’t particularly care for Duolingo so I doubt I will be going back to using it. It can be helpful but honestly the random sentences thrown together just annoy me and can really teach people how to speak unnaturally.

I am enjoying getting back into Spanish. Even though it’s not new and exciting like Korean is for me, it is familiar and actually feels a bit safe, if that makes any sense. Spanish has been in the background of my life for so many years it just feels nice to sit down and learn it at my own pace on my own time.

As for Korean, I am still reviewing book 1 of the Talk To Me In Korean series and am making flash cards on Quizlet from them. I am currently on lesson 17 out of 25. When I am done taking down more notes and creating my flashcards I will finally move on to book 2 and that makes me feel really excited for some reason 😆

It has now been nine weeks since I have started learning Korean and I still feel like I can’t say a darn thing except hello, thank you, goodbye, I am *insert name here*, and that’s pretty disappointing. I’m always amazed at the people who have only studied for three months yet they can have full conversations in whatever language they are studying. Besides not always having time to study, what exactly am I doing wrong? Everyone learns differently, but sometimes seeing others progress so fast can be a bit discouraging.

Sorry if all that sounds like a bit of a downer.

Last update for this post is that I have started tracking my language studies. I purchased an art book and have started trying to create my own study trackers for each week. I got the inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest photos that I have seen. It’s still a work in progress because I am far from being an artist and making them look pretty is hard work lol, but it’s coming along.

With graduation passed and me finally feeling settled in my new job, I’m hoping that my studies can pick back up again.

Thanks for reading!


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