[Korean] Week 12 – Mid week update

Hello everyone!

After my last post, I ended up taking a bit of a break from studying languages. Nothing drastic. I just took a week off. I started back up again last week and only studied for two hours for the entire week >.<

But I am getting back into the hang of things. Taking time off of anything (even for a week), makes getting back into it so hard! Lol. It’s almost like trying to start exercising again after a bit of time. But in a way, I guess I am exercising…my brain, that is (okay, I guess that was pretty corny lol).

I needed the break though. I thought I would be getting right back into studying after the excitement from my graduation died down, but instead, I kept having to pick up more shifts at work to cover other people who called out while also preparing for a job interview to work abroad. I needed to get all my paperwork in order. Priorities!

But it felt so good to finally sit down again and study for a little over an hour.

Language Update

I have moved on to Book 2 in the Talk To Me In Korean series! I am really loving this series. At the moment I am studying future tense which is pretty easy so far. I thought it was going to be extra complicated.

I posted on my Instagram account that I will start studying from Book 2 and quite a few people messaged me saying that Book 2 is when they were able to finally start speaking in meaningful sentences, so that makes me happy!

I will still be studying from my Book 1 notes and flashcards that I made on Quizlet because I forget things way too easily. I also have a review coming up on a Quizlet game that can be used to study, so if you’re interested, please stay tuned for that.

I guess I don’t have much else to say even though I want to lol. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “[Korean] Week 12 – Mid week update

  1. Nothing wrong with using online resources! I’m definitely not rich either. All the books I own, I have worked very hard for and took quite a few years to purchase. Nothing wrong with that either. Good luck with your continued studies πŸ™‚


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