[Korean] I’m using a new book!

In my Korean Writing Practice post, I mentioned that I am currently studying from a different book and have taken a break from Talk To Me In Korean level 2. The book I am currently using is Korean Made Easy for Beginners. I am quite liking it. Within the first two chapters I felt like I could say something which is why I chose to make a post practicing my writing.

For the first two chapters, some of it was review while about 80% of it was new information. Overall, things were going smoothly. I am currently on chapter 4 and welp…so much for smooth sailing, lol. The jump in difficulty level between chapter 3 and 4 was crazy, mostly due to all the vocabulary you have to memorize.

Each chapter ends with a little quiz to test your knowledge of the chapter and I admit, I have been too excited to properly digest the learned information. So I end up taking the quiz directly after completing the chapter which explains why I don’t remember the vocab before being quizzed on it. On this particular quiz there was a small reading section where I had to look at a picture and read the clues to figure out where a character in the book lived. There were quite a bit of words that I did not know.


But between flipping back through my chapter and using Papago Naver translate, I was able to figure out the words and complete the activity. But when I tell you I had a headache after this chapter…wow. I haven’t felt tired like that since I was learning Spanish back in my freshman and sophomore years of college, lol. But progress is progress and I am still happy with my learning.

I really want to start taking official language classes instead of relying on books but unfortunately I live in an area where the nearest language classes are an hour away. If there are any that are closer, there is absolutely no information about them online. I’m certain that is because I live in a rural area and things like movie theaters, malls, and language classes for foreigners pretty much don’t exist here.

Anyway, I think having a break every four chapters to review and truly digest is a good idea. The book is a total of 20 chapters so I will have five review breaks in all. One thing I wish this book had was a final quiz that encompasses all learned information from the entire book. Maybe I will try to create my own some kind of way.

That’s all for now. Talk to you soon!


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