Learning vocabulary through games: Quizlet ‘Gravity’ game review

gravity game 1

Hi everyone!

In language learning, I think one of the most common ways to learn and retain vocabulary is by playing vocabulary games. So, a while ago, I made an account on Quizlet and one of the features it has to aid in studying is a vocabulary game called ‘Gravity’.

How To Play

There are three levels: easy, medium, and hard. There is a planet at the bottom of the screen which signifies which planet you are on. Each new level you progress to is a new planet. Asteroids with a vocabulary word on it will fall to the bottom. Your job is to type in the correct translation of the word before it hits the bottom of the screen. The asteroids fall faster the higher you increase in level. If you fail to write the correct answer before it hits the bottom, you “lose” but not really, because the game will show you the correct answer then let you proceed with the level. Occasionally, a vocabulary word will be written on a red asteroid. If the red asteroid hits your planet, it destroys it completely and the game is over. No second chances.

gravity game 4gravity game 2


I made it up to level 10 before I could no longer type fast enough and my asteroids kept falling to bottom. I personally feel that the game does more than just help you with vocab memorization; it also aids in reading practice. I read Korean very VERY slowly, so most of my time was spent trying to read the word then hurrying to type it in English before my asteroid hit the bottom.

There is also an option of having the vocab word in English first and then you translate it to Korean. If you do not have a Korean keyboard or plugin, then you are able to use the Korean letters provided by the game. Doing it this way is actually a bit easier because Quizlet doesn’t just have the Korean letters individually; it has them already in consonant-vowel clusters. For example: λ‚΄, 인, 사, and things like that.

gravity game 3

I think the game is very fun and helpful but it triggers a little bit of my anxiety when the asteroids start falling faster than what I can read and type.

I would recommend this game to anyone that wants to try a vocabulary game. Since there is a timing factor with the asteroids falling to the bottom and whatnot, the game can be more fun than other vocab games, and it’s definitely more fun than plain old rote memorization. If you want to spice up your vocab retention, give it a shot. It’s free πŸ™‚

Later ~


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