5 Weeks to Fluency Challenge

Hello there ^_^ I know I haven’t updated in almost a month but I have been going through some things that have been weighing on me mentally and to just be completely honest, it left me unmotivated and my language studies got placed on the back burners of my mind. But I am back! (no […]

[Thai] Day 1

Saying that learning the Thai alphabet is difficult is a complete understatement. The loops and squiggles and dips make it look like less of a language and more like some kind of secret code. With 44 consonants and 32 vowels, Thai has one of the largest alphabets. I was prepared for that going into the […]

Creating a Studygram

So I have decided to make a ‘Studygram’ page on Instagram. I always love looking at study pages, book pages, and stationary pages. They motivate me (and are also aesthetically pleasing to look at lol). I’m a newbie to the whole thing but be sure to check your girl out over on Insta! I will […]