2020 Language Goals

I have been doing lots of thinking about my language goals and what I want to accomplish by the end of next year. I am currently interested in studying three languages and I have resources that will help me study all three of them. I do not want to overwhelm myself but after making a […]

Failing at language learning.

Hello again language friends. As always, it’s been a while. I have just been feeling really negative about learning Korean lately. I mentioned in another post that living in rural Korea completely turns me off to actually learning Korean. My little town is unmotivating in every sense of the word, and the stuff I do […]

Korean Dialects

When I first moved to Korea, I thought Korean was Korean. No matter where in Korea I was, the Koreans would be speaking Korean and it would all sound the same. I have no idea why I thought that. After all, does everyone sound the same in America when they speak? Of course, English in […]

2018 Year-End Review

Wow…2018 is basically over. A part of me wants to say that it flew by, but in my opinion, it really didn’t. I finished up a graduate degree, I worked, I made some scary decisions, and now I am living and teaching in South Korea. I wish I could say I am proud and happy […]

Small Language Victories

It’s been a bit of a while since my last post and things have been hard but I am making some language gains, however small they might be. Living here in rural Korea has been a huge struggle for me and I am still not really acclimated to my new environment. One of the most […]